If you live in the Lowcountry, alligators are part of the story!

In this episode, Tony teams up with special guests Tom Murphy and George Rock to trap, measure and tag alligators as they share the results of their research on conditioning alligators to avoid people. Be sure to stick around and see what Tony calls an "incredibly rare event in nature."

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:
The Banbury Fund
Anne & Walter Meier
Alligator Researchers Tom Murphy and George Rock
Donnelly Wildlife Management Area, South Carolina DNR
US Fish and Wildlife Service Staff
Lowcountry Institute

  • Hosted and Written By: Tony Mills
  • Produced/Directed By: Rob Lewis
  • Produced By: Tony Mills, Scott Grooms
  • Executive Producer: Gary Kubic
  • Camera: Rob Lewis, Adam Farver
  • Post Production: Rob Lewis
  • Original Music: Ben Mills