Backyard Wildlife

There's a wealth of wildlife outside your own window!

Join Tony as he takes a closer look at the animal life in a typical Lowcountry backyard, from the startling Hickory Horned Devil to the eye-popping beauty of a Painted Bunting.

Special guest ornithologist Dr. Chris Marsh, director of the Lowcountry Institute, shares tips on attracting birds to your yard.

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:
The Banbury Fund
Anne & Walter Meier
Dr. Christopher Marsh
Susan & Craig Leister
Lowcountry Institute

  • Hosted and Written By: Tony Mills
  • Produced/Directed By: Rob Lewis
  • Produced By: Tony Mills, Scott Grooms
  • Executive Producer: Gary Kubic
  • Camera: Rob Lewis, Adam Farver, Evan Griffith
  • Post Production: Rob Lewis
  • Original Music: Ben Mills