Bald Eagles

Bald eagles have become a pretty common sight in the Lowcountry, but this hasn't always been the case. Over the course of his career, researcher Tom Murphy has watched this species go from near-extinction – only 13 breeding pairs in the entire state of South Carolina in 1977 – to an estimated 400+ pairs now.

Join Tony and learn more about this fantastic success story!

Aerial footage by Tom Michal

Special Thanks:

Anne & Walter Meier

Nemours Plantation

Beau Bauer
Ernie Wiggers

Spring Island, SC
Tom Murphy
Bob Greenhill
Perry Hubbard
Al Segars
Kristen Mattson
Lisa Gravil

Bluffton Fire Department
Steve McKinley
Tyler Williams
Emerson Kovalanchik
Rick Kramer

Center for Birds of Prey, Awendaw, SC

Jim Elliot
Debbie Mauney
Stephen Schabel
Meghan Sparkman
Keenan Freitas
Natalie Hendrickson
Audrey Poplin
Emily Davis

The Lowcountry Institute on Spring Island, SC

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