Lowcountry Snakes

Having snakes around is a good thing! In fact, a robust population of snakes is an indicator of good ecological health.

In this episode, Tony examines a variety of snake species that live in the Lowcountry – including the banded water snake, rattlesnake, mud snake, scarlet king, and even a coachwhip – and offers ways for people and snakes to live in harmony.

In memory of our good friend David Jones, Lowcountry Naturalist

Cast and Crew

Special Thanks:
Anne & Walter Meier
Chris Marsh, Spring Island, SC
David Jones
Kathryn Madden
Beth Lewis
Lowcountry Institute, Spring Island, SC

  • Hosted and Written By: Tony Mills
  • Produced/Directed By: Rob Lewis
  • Produced By: Tony Mills, Scott Grooms
  • Executive Producer: Gary Kubic
  • Camera: Rob Lewis
  • Post Production: Rob Lewis
  • Original Music: Ben Mills