Sharks and Rays

Sharks and rays belong to a very primitive group of non-bony fishes called elasmobranchs. This group includes many species of small shark and ray species as well as the giants like manta rays and tiger sharks. Our lowcountry waters are home to an astounding diversity of these fishes.

Join us for a trip into Port Royal Sound to capture blacktip sharks, stingrays, lemon sharks, butterfly rays and many others.

Cast and Crew

  • Hosted and Written By: Tony Mills
  • Produced/Directed By: Rob Lewis
  • Produced By: Tony Mills, Scott Grooms
  • Executive Producer: Gary Kubic
  • Camera: Rob Lewis, Scott Grooms
  • Post Production: Rob Lewis
  • Still Photography: Beth Lewis
  • Script Consultant: Kathryn Madden
  • Original Music: Ben Mills